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10 Must-Read Rule #1 Investing Blogs & Podcasts

Here are our top 10 best investment blogs and podcasts from the past year that share some great investing information and resources. If you’re looking for a place to start learning more about Rule #1 Investing, look no further. If you missed any of these articles, now would be a great time to catch up. I’ve hand picked these posts because they’re filled with great information to help you on you journey.

One of Warren Buffett’s best pieces of advice is to always, “Invest in yourself.” He reads hundreds of pages of information a day and has a thirst for learning, knowledge, and improvement. Read these investing blogs and listen to these investing podcast episodes and do the same.

10) Top 10 Best Investing Books Every Investor Should Read


As investors, we’re in the business of gathering as much knowledge as we can. Here’s a list of 10 of the best investing books out there, including some of Warren Buffett’s favorites as well.

9) Get Started Investing With These 10 Steps


It’s never too early to start planning for the future and learning how to invest.

The most important thing you can do is get an investing education first. Learn the basics of the stock market and if there is something that you don’t quite understand, ask. A good place to start is by reading Rule #1. It gives a great foundation to investing principles used by Warren Buffett and other great investors.

8) How to Deal With a Stock Market Drop


When there’s a stock market drop, what do Rule #1 investors do? Stock market trends create fluctuations. The market goes from an emotional status of exuberance and excitement with an overheated market environment, to the exact opposite. The opposite emotion is fear, everything is horrible, everybody’s unemployed, and the sun is never going to come up tomorrow. That’s a stock market crash.

7) InvestED: Ep. 65 – Investing in your Financial Life Overview


We discuss why you need to start investing in your financial life, and stop letting fund managers and advisors control your money. We also share some of our favorite investing books written by big names in the value investing world. Remember, to get the most out of your money you must be committed to continually learning.

6) InvestED: Ep. 39- What a Market Drop Means to Rule #1 Investors


The DOW drop had the financial industry up in arms as to what that means for the future of the market. In this episode, we discuss how the DOW drop affects you as a Rule #1 Investor, the new Hollywood hit “The Big Short,” and why you probably shouldn’t watch CNBC.

5) InvestED: Ep. 40- Is Now a Good Time to Buy Chipotle?


We discuss why you’ll probably never be taught how to invest in college, how market crashes occur, and if Chipotle’s recent E. coli outbreak constitutes an event that may make it a stock worth buying.

4) Tax Free Ways to Grow Your Retirement


One of the key strategies for growing wealth is to minimize taxes on your money. When it comes to saving for retirement, the more capital you have, the more interest you gain.  Some tips on how you can save on taxes and grow your retirement at the same time.

3)  How to Invest Your First $1,000


Investing isn’t about jumping in wherever with $1,000. It’s not about saving more to jump in with. It’s about finding something that you love and you understand to buy. Learning to invest takes a bit of time, but the rewards are well worth it.

2)  InvestED: Ep. 84 – Guy Spier on Investing, Research, and Management


Our first special guest on InvestED, Guy Spier, Hedge Fund manager and author of Education of a Value Investor, for a special 3 part series covering value investing basics. This week we’ll cover how Guy researches a company’s management and why he never gives or takes advice on investing.

1) Small Investment Ideas for Investing $500


$500 isn’t much to start with, but it is a start. If you can start with $500 dollars and come up with $500 per year and invest like Warren Buffett, you might have $1.6 million in 30 years with an investment of $15,000. It’s the power of compounding interest that can make you rich even with almost no money.

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Phil Town is an investment advisor, hedge fund manager, 3x NY Times best-selling author, ex-Grand Canyon river guide and a former Lieutenant in the US Army Special Forces. He and his wife, Melissa, share a passion for horses, polo, and eventing. Phil’s goal is to help you learn how to invest and achieve financial independence. You can follow him on google+, facebook, and twitter.