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"Amazing workshop!!!"

Realising I had made a big mistake by handing a financial company all my savings made me search for how I can take control of my finances. I listened to Phil's podcasts for a couple of months, and I was so impressed that I decided to join the workshop. Phil and his team massively over-delivered; they gave a considerable amount of information and resources for such a small investment. As Munger says, "the best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more." It is so clear that Phil and his team agree with this, which is evident in their teachings. Thank you to Phil and his team of coaches for changing my life for the better.

, Coach
"Time well spent!"

The workshop was amazing, and very informative, The People starting with Phil are real. You can feel this in how they express themselves. Do come ready, alert and with no preconceived notions or ideas. Absorb as much as you can. I highly recommend it!

, VP Operations
"BOOM mic drop"

I had heard many positive in person reviews regarding this investment course. I have always been interested in investing but never really took the leap. The weekend taught some skill sets that I never new existed and offered a different perspective on the entire investment world for me and my son (who also took the course at the same time). Thank you for a very user friendly, people friendly weekend, and we look forward to reviewing and learning more in the future.

, Fire Captain
"Fast Paced Education To Take Control of Your IRA With Confidence"

I have been listening to the InvestEd podcasts for a while and the workshop really brings it together. The toolbox is an amazing resource to assist in the company valuations and all the instructors and coaches exude a genuine sense of understanding and care about empowering us with this knowledge to take control of our finances with confidence. No one cares about your money more than you and Phil Town has been gracious enough to teach you how to do the most with it. Now I know what to do to make my retirement nest egg EXCEED my retirement figure. Not wish, not hope, not worry, but KNOW. That is incredibly powerful....Thank you, Phil. You don’t ,t hear it enough.

, Soldier
"Such a valuable course!!"

Amazing value, content, coaching and speakers! Really a must for anyone hoping to take control of the financial future!!!

, Physical Therapist
"So worth it"

I didn't have high expectations because the workshop was really inexpensive for a 3 day 8am-6pm experience. It turned out to be an incredible journey. The workshop was perfectly organized. The presenters were very knowledgeable and the material was very clearly explained so that you can still grasp it without having any knowledge in investing. Each learning session was followed by a session with a coach where we got to ask questions and practice what we learned. This was an essential part of the program to ensure that we didn't fall behind. Phil is funny, down to earth, and obviously a very knowledgeable investor and it was such a pleasure to listen to him sharing his experience. I really thought this workshop was going to be a scam, but it turned out to be a life changing experience. Thank you for the great opportunity.

, Mathematician

If you have read Phil's books, you know what his principles are. This seminar goes over that in-depth with real-world examples and worksheets. Phil and his team teach you how to evaluate the management of a company and determine the intrinsic value of the business. I am not going to lie, it is A TON of information in 3 days but as long as you know that going in, you will be fine. Your lunches are quick and your breaks and even shorter. Is it worth the price? Probably 5 times that. He also teaches different trading techniques (puts, calls, hedging, etc) which was never on my radar. I enjoyed learning about those types of trading strategies but again, it was just so much information in a limited amount of time. Would I take the course again or recommend it to an aspiring investor? Of course. Highly recommended.

, Realestate investor

I read the book twice before I attended this course and was still worried I may not be able to keep up. The course was so well structured and the speakers were great and explaining - I couldn't have planned a better schedule. I finished the course course with strong confidence in my ability to achieve my financial goals. Thank you to the team for sharing the knowledge and heart felt support.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the lecture followed by coaching format. Thanks for putting this together and planting that seed. I gained much confidence in how to better approach investing and not be intimated.

Excellent course. I was up all night for the course due to the time difference but the night flew by. Coffee was Rule #2. Highly recommend this course and I will be enrolling my son in a few months when he finishes college. The younger the better but it is never too late. Lots of excitement and lots of questions. Ready to dig in.

Everything about this course was exceptional. The material, the way it was taught, the teachers, the coaches, and Phil. I am new the the investing world and learnt so much through this workshop. The course was organized and we experienced no technical issues. I have recommended this course to many others who want to take charge of their investing goals. Thank you to Phil and the entire Rule # 1 Team! I’m looking forward to getting my butt kicked.

After reading Rule #1 and Payback Time, I was in love with Phil’s investment practices and philosophy. I’m relatively new to investing, so I really wanted a next step to take for Rule #1 strategies and practice. The seminar seemed like an excellent next step to take. It proved to be the best financial investment I’ve ever made. Phil Town and his excellent team provided more value in 3 days than anything I’ve ever experienced. There is no fluff, only ACTIONABLE information. Action is what brings results, so in 3 days I gained the knowledge and skills necessary to truly feel empowered and capable on my journey. If you’re looking for direction, empowerment, and actionable investment practices to shape your financial reality, I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough.

As Warren Buffett says, price is what you pay, but value is what you get. If this workshop was a stock, what you paid for was totally beneath its intrinsic value. Highly recommend to anyone who's looking to learn how to invest the right way, by following proven strategies over multiple decades. Thank you to Phil and his awesome Rule One family.

Good morning, The workshop was amazing. I was taught many strategies that I was unfamiliar with. I am very excited to put these strategies in practice. The lectures and the coaches were all top notch. I commend you for the high quality of this workshop. I look forward to working with you more in the future. Ernie

I really enjoyed the workshop. It covered lots of ground and conveyed lots of information that is applicable to all levels of investing. Thanks to Phil and the whole team for all the great knowledge

The class challenges the status quo regarding savings & investing. Rule 1 is a catalyst that introduces actionable ways to invest savings to achieve personal goals for financial freedom and the retirement of your dreams on your terms. Definitely recommend!

I really came into this workshop just wanting to learn more about how to make valuations on a stock, but this workshop was so much more. There is literally something for everybody on every level of investing. It is an intense, information packed weekend and one of the best values you will find anywhere!

The process the training implemented was textbook. The presenter first explained what was going to taught, they presented the information, gave an example of how to conduct the process, and then we had time with a coach to perform the process. During the hands on time, we were able to ask questions and get further clarification. Coach Larry was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and gave us all the time we needed to get a concept down. There was one session where he and another trainee stayed a little longer during the lunch break to make sure all questions were answered.

This was probably the best teaching of "how to invest" I've ever seen/heard. Not only are solid concepts provided but additionally, direct hands-on how-to's were included. I would recommend this seminar to anyone wanting from-the-ground-up how to's on investing. Thanks to Phil and all the team for sharing your time and expertise... it's greatly appreciated.

Just about everything on this course is excellent – I received loads of information and lots of useful strategies. Each day my head was ready to burst, but in a good way! The coaches are very friendly and knowledgeable, can't recommend highly enough... many thanks to you all. Now go play... ;)

Hello Rule1 team, Initially when I signed up I was a little reserved about what I would actually get out of this workshop as I was pretty familiar with investing already. However a lot of the stuff I learned I was blown away by. On how to price a company, how to chart for weakness in the market, and how I could use put options and credit spreads to my advantage. It has given me an whole new outlook and thought process of the market. I will never look at the market the same way again. I think this workshop has put me years ahead of where I would have otherwise been. I think now I am actually starting to believe I can do this, before I was just hoping I could do this. Thank you so much Phil and the Rule1 team, Rupi

The Rule #1 Workshop was amazing! I admit to being a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information but I am so glad to have all the notes to look back on and now I feel empowered to make informed decisions about my financial future and I look forward to modelling this for my children so that they get started on the right foot! Thank you Phil!

The workshop was amazing, intense. I have been looking for years for someone who could 'wow' me with a plan to create wealth, beyond the 'usual' mutual fund employment plans, but many "advisors" fell short. You delivered! I knew there was more but was shying away from the stock market. I read "Invested" and wanted more. You delivered! This is just the beginning and I have a lot more to learn, but I can do this! Thank you!!

Going into the Rule #1 workshop weekend, I was very familiar with the principles Phil teaches. I had read the book he wrote with his daughter, watched dozens of his videos, listened to a few of his podcasts, even played around in his Rule #1 toolbox. I expected to just solidify some of what I had already learned. But immersing myself into Rule #1 investing for 27 hours over three days was well worth my time. I'm now much more confident in researching and valuing businesses, understanding income statements and balance sheets and determining when, and by how much, a business is on sale. And that's just a starting point. He and his team opened a whole new world of technical analysis and options trading strategies that I'm excited to apply to my own money. I'm just at the beginning of my journey as an investor, but I'm confident that I have the gear, the stamina and the fuel to reach my destination.

I am a freelance graphic designer/ homeschool mom and a complete investing novice. My father knowing I want to make more out of my money hands me Phil Town’s book and says I should signed up for the Rule #1 seminar that he took last year. I finished Phil Town‘s Rule #1 investing book within the week and was ready for the seminar, which was the next day. The book and the seminar really helped me go from simple understanding of vocabulary to actionable concepts, and gave me the tools to move forward in my investing journey. Rule#1 investing it’s a very approachable style for a novice like me. Now my father and I are enjoying Phil’s father daughter podcasts together Learning and growing our investing knowledge. Thank you!!

As a complete novice with no experience of investing or trading, the whole process is quite daunting. However Phil and the team laid things out so well that I now have confidence that I can succeed in this and actually become a profitable trader and investor.

The 3-day workshop was phenomenal, surely worth many times my investment. The 3-days were packed full of proven learnings and enlightening content on how to acquire Rule1 investing skills. It was a great place to start for me. It gave me the path, the encouragement and confidence to properly do my own value investing. Thank you so much to Phil Town, our coaches and community for the 3-days so well spent.

What an incredible three days. Wasn't sure how I would handle the long days on webinar, but the time flew by and I couldn't get enough. The education in this program is incredible and the Rule 1 coaches are some of the most patient and energetic people I've ever met. The ROi on this training is fantastic. I know I still have more to learn, but this really cemented my commitment. Thanks Phil and all the Rule #1 team.

I loved this seminar. I had a basic understanding of Rule 1 investing from the podcast and the books when I took the seminar. I learned a TON of great things in the seminar, way beyond what the books and podcast teach. It was a great next step for me to take. I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn to invest.

Phil Town and his team are amazing! This seminar was worth far more in value than the money I paid. I can’t wait to start building generational wealth. Thank you so much Phil!

After participating in the workshop, I can assure anyone who is undecided to take the plunge and do it. It is a very intensive and insightful course with plenty of hands on practice. The tips are unimaginable. The course was professionally set up online and I hardly knew that I was more than 5500 miles away (apart from the time difference). Preparation is key for the course and it would be helpful if one had some background knowledge beforehand. I had just finished reading InvestED so the basis was there. The coaches did a wonderful Job in helping us and answering all my questions succinctly and honestly. Thank you Phil and team!

This is an excellent class and opportunity to learn about the right way, and only way to invest. Plus the additional strategies on how to accelerate that growth safely without simply buying and holding are priceless. All of the instructors were greatly helpful and informative. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in taking control of their own financial future.

My daughter recommended that I read Invested. She took the Virtual workshop before Christmas and I just finished last week. It was a great 3 days where the Rule 1 team overdelivered. Like Phil and Danielle, this has been a wonderful way to connect with my daughter. Thanks Phil, and the rest of the Rule 1 team. Evan Lukey

I thought I had a good handle on these concepts after reading the book Rule 1 Investing. It has been a week since the webinar and I am still trying to soak up all of this great information. This was absolutely transformational. If the book peaks your interest definitely take the course. Charles

The 3 day course was AWESOME !!!! I felt like I got way more than I paid for. Phil and his crew are very good at what they do and they love sharing the process. I cannot wait until I am using what I learned to improve my financial future. Thank You, Don Johnston

An excellent experience. You really do need to do the pre-work and review the 39 (5 min) introduction videos in advance so you can be prepared. If not, it would be like drinking from a firehose. Phil Town is very wise and a great communicator. All the coaches are excellent teachers and very patient. The workshop is finely tuned from experience and you will come away with a fresh empowerment to make the right choices.

I have been following the Rule #1 podcast and investing framework for a while now and have decided to sign up for the workshop to further deepen my knowledge of the subject. I absolutely loved it. The 3-days were jam-packed with investing knowledge which was well explained and made clear to everyone who is taking the first steps in the investing world. The breakout sessions were my favorite part, as we had the chance to raise any queries and put what we were learning along into practice. Our coach was very comfortable explaining everything and really mastered the content. Another thing that I loved, was the amount of documents available to download, and all of it for free! These PDFs will certainly prove handy throughout my investing journey. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn about investing. Whether you're a novice or an experienced investor, you will get to learn time-tested strategies followed by some of the best investors of all time. Great value for money, indeed! I cannot wait to start putting into practice what I have learned so that I am worthy the title of 'Ruler!' in the near future!

I love that the whole class is explained with words AND examples. It is broken down into easy to understand concepts and we were given all the tools we would need. We were even set up with paper accounts to practice with real life scenarios until we feel confident to go out and make money. I appreciate the doors that have been opened for me.

Attending this workshop was an incredible experience for me!! Although I am a successful CPA, providing corporate financial and income tax advice, my background was a minor enhancement to the knowledge and strategies acquired during the seminar. I recommend this seminar to anyone who is considering their future. Start early, focus on your strengths, study, and practice what is being taught. Above all, be committed to your success and you shall achieve it!!

A well structured workshop with lot of information about "Rule 1 investing". I totally recommend it. I propose to do some homework before you attend it, in order to follow up with the terminology and the strategy that "Uncle" Phil is teaching...

It was my first ever seminar on investing, and it was a bit overwhelming at times because of all the new information. The coach was amazing and very patient with everyone. I am really glad I signed myself up for this seminar. It left me with a lot of things to work on and I am very excited to continue learning the Rule1 style! Thank you so much!

This workshop was so much more than I expected and I expected a lot as it came highly recommended by a friend. Very professional, inspiring and comprehensive. Such incredible tools in the Rule One Toolbox and the introduction to a paper trading account was extremely helpful and eye-opening. A key to smart, common-sense investing and trading without any hype and minimal risk if the rules are followed. I loved all the diversity in the presenters from different backgrounds, ethnic group and genders; truly anyone could see themselves achieving some amazing financial goals with this system. There were a few technical difficulties for me at the beginning but the team was able to assist me be recommending a different browser. Some things went over my head as I was totally new to options trading and the pace was too fast for me sometimes, especially as I only had one screen and could not follow the demonstrations and at the same time copy them myself. If I can make a recommendation for future trainings, I'd say it might be helpful for students to have two screens available. But other than my tech difficulties this was a life-changing workshop, I'm super excited to implement what I learned and would highly recommend this workshop to anyone. Thank you Phil and team!

This was great. I read Rule #1 investing last year and read it a second time before the seminar to be prepared. I think I could have totally implemented what you teach in the book and done pretty well. However, this seminar has put me so much further ahead and I feel much more prepared and ready to utilize several Rule #1 investing techniques.

I have read Rule #1 book and hesitated to get that course...I was thinking "what else can I learn?"...but something told me go for it! It was my birthday soon and I thought...I will make myself a gift. It turned out to be the best gift ever! Great coaches, great eye opening exercises, loads of information, materials and tools. If you do hesitate like I did ... just go for it!

An incredible experience. Definitely need to bring your "A" game to this one, but the information was so worthwhile. I wish I had more time to practice what we learned, and I am still a bit overwhelmed by it, but I am determined to succeed with investing. I can't wait to learn more! It was apparent how much the instructors and Phil and his wife cared about the students and what they were sharing. I would have loved to attend in person, but the virtual workshop may have been even a bit better because you could see and hear the teachers clearly and they shared their screen for the step by step. I don't think it would have been so easy to follow in a live session. Can't thank you all enough for this weekend. Now I want my husband to take the workshop! :)

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The Rule #1 Virtual Investing Workshop is a 3-Day interactive event featuring Phil Town and his coaches, providing the same hands-on education taught at the Rule #1 in-person workshops, only from the comfort of your home. Students will learn how to invest like the best investors in the world using the same proven concepts as the top world investors like Warren Buffett.

During these 3 days, students will begin their investing journey by learning how to find and buy great companies to invest in at half price and create a market-crash portfolio.