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The information provided in this seminar is truly life altering. I can't imagine trying to navigate investing without having taken this course. Best 3 days I've ever spent.

, Mortgage Operations
"I thought I knew it all..."

I've been following Phil from the past 3 years through his books, podcast and You Tube channel. The Rule #1 workshop was an amazing experience. Full of information and trading practices that can't found anywhere else. All the coaches and speakers were very clear and engaging. Highly Recommend.

, Self-Employed
"Amazing, so much info and practical help"

Thank you for such a well taught, well planned workshop. I'm new to investing, and have a lot of fear and emotions around money and investing. I was amazed at how inspiring, practical, and hands on this workshop was. I was also encouraged by how genuine and down to earth Phil Town was, and the testimonies and teaching skills of his instructors and coaches. Thank you all for your passion, knowledge, and skill to truly help people get financially independent and provide so much hope.

, Writer
"Great Workshop"

You put on a very good workshop. It was very informative as it contained a lot of good information about investing and trading. At my age (78), I am more interested in trading. I will use the investing method you taught to set up some small accounts for my grandchildren. I just started studying this stuff and enjoy it. I look at it more as a challenge to make money trading, kind of like a card game. It keeps my mind stimulated. Just want to say Thank You to you and your staff, who were very helpful and friendly. Maybe someday I will get down south and say hello.

, Retired
"Awesome class to setup for my future. "

This was an awesome class giving me the tools to be able to succeed in my future financial freedom. It was well put together and the breakout sessions helped tremendously. I would recommend to anyone who wants to take control of their future.

, Occupational Safety and Health

I loved the workshop. I very much enjoyed learning how to analyze companies, and for the first time I started to understand how options work. I also really benefited and enjoyed the zoom sessions with our coach. Can't wait to continue learning and to work on the first exercises later today!

, self-employed
"Great Experience"

This was a great time learning how to take control of my financial future. Loved the information and the motivation!

, Facility Manager
"Such good information"

I started by reading Phil's book, Rule#1. It was so easy to read and understand, so I decided to sign up for the workshop, and this is where it all became more practical. I received much more value than I paid for and have started to practice and do the homework. It would be great if the sessions were recorded so that we can go back and review things we may have missed.

, Physician
"Eye opening experience with Phil and friends"

This was the easiest to understand investment class/information that I have ever stumbled upon. I wish I had discovered this sooner in my investing journey. Would've saved me a ton of time and pain on my part. HAHA!!! Anyways, thanks Phil and team. You guys put together a very professional and valuable presentation for us newbies. If I meet someone who is somewhat confused about investing I will certainly put them to your content. I' only 22 years old, and with this type of knowledge I feel more secure and comfortable than I ever have in a long time. Again, thanks.

"Great Course!"

Loved the course! Would recommend to anyone wanting to know more about investing. The online format was great and there was a good amount of one on one time in the break out groups.

, General Manager
"Great information for the beginner"

This class was exactly what I needed to take me from a beginner, dabbling in different parts of the market, to having a plan for my investing and financial future.

, Sales
"Game changing"

What an incredible oppertunity to learn and make our financial future be so much better. Showing up prepared to the webinar prepared was definetly beneficial. Having a coach in each virtual classroom is very helpfull.

, Military
"Great Workshop "

The three-day Rule 1 workshop was very well organized. The teaching content was conveyed in a structured and constructive manner. First the tutorials took place and then the exercises were worked through with the teachers. I particularly enjoyed the tutorials on the 4 M's - especially Moat and Margin of Safety and the Technical Analysis of the markets - the "Big Picture Analysis". Investing in stocks can be compared to surfing on an ocean wave. The surfer has to find the right entry and exit of a wave, otherwise he will sink in the wave ("Crystal Whole Grand Canyon"). I am very impressed with this workshop.

, Ingenieur
"Amazing workshop!!!"

Realising I had made a big mistake by handing a financial company all my savings made me search for how I can take control of my finances. I listened to Phil's podcasts for a couple of months, and I was so impressed that I decided to join the workshop. Phil and his team massively over-delivered; they gave a considerable amount of information and resources for such a small investment. As Munger says, "the best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more." It is so clear that Phil and his team agree with this, which is evident in their teachings. Thank you to Phil and his team of coaches for changing my life for the better.

, Coach
"Time well spent!"

The workshop was amazing, and very informative, The People starting with Phil are real. You can feel this in how they express themselves. Do come ready, alert and with no preconceived notions or ideas. Absorb as much as you can. I highly recommend it!

, VP Operations
"BOOM mic drop"

I had heard many positive in person reviews regarding this investment course. I have always been interested in investing but never really took the leap. The weekend taught some skill sets that I never new existed and offered a different perspective on the entire investment world for me and my son (who also took the course at the same time). Thank you for a very user friendly, people friendly weekend, and we look forward to reviewing and learning more in the future.

, Fire Captain
"Fast Paced Education To Take Control of Your IRA With Confidence"

I have been listening to the InvestEd podcasts for a while and the workshop really brings it together. The toolbox is an amazing resource to assist in the company valuations and all the instructors and coaches exude a genuine sense of understanding and care about empowering us with this knowledge to take control of our finances with confidence. No one cares about your money more than you and Phil Town has been gracious enough to teach you how to do the most with it. Now I know what to do to make my retirement nest egg EXCEED my retirement figure. Not wish, not hope, not worry, but KNOW. That is incredibly powerful....Thank you, Phil. You don’t ,t hear it enough.

, Soldier
"Such a valuable course!!"

Amazing value, content, coaching and speakers! Really a must for anyone hoping to take control of the financial future!!!

, Physical Therapist
"So worth it"

I didn't have high expectations because the workshop was really inexpensive for a 3 day 8am-6pm experience. It turned out to be an incredible journey. The workshop was perfectly organized. The presenters were very knowledgeable and the material was very clearly explained so that you can still grasp it without having any knowledge in investing. Each learning session was followed by a session with a coach where we got to ask questions and practice what we learned. This was an essential part of the program to ensure that we didn't fall behind. Phil is funny, down to earth, and obviously a very knowledgeable investor and it was such a pleasure to listen to him sharing his experience. I really thought this workshop was going to be a scam, but it turned out to be a life changing experience. Thank you for the great opportunity.

, Mathematician

If you have read Phil's books, you know what his principles are. This seminar goes over that in-depth with real-world examples and worksheets. Phil and his team teach you how to evaluate the management of a company and determine the intrinsic value of the business. I am not going to lie, it is A TON of information in 3 days but as long as you know that going in, you will be fine. Your lunches are quick and your breaks and even shorter. Is it worth the price? Probably 5 times that. He also teaches different trading techniques (puts, calls, hedging, etc) which was never on my radar. I enjoyed learning about those types of trading strategies but again, it was just so much information in a limited amount of time. Would I take the course again or recommend it to an aspiring investor? Of course. Highly recommended.

, Realestate investor

I read the book twice before I attended this course and was still worried I may not be able to keep up. The course was so well structured and the speakers were great and explaining - I couldn't have planned a better schedule. I finished the course course with strong confidence in my ability to achieve my financial goals. Thank you to the team for sharing the knowledge and heart felt support.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the lecture followed by coaching format. Thanks for putting this together and planting that seed. I gained much confidence in how to better approach investing and not be intimated.

Excellent course. I was up all night for the course due to the time difference but the night flew by. Coffee was Rule #2. Highly recommend this course and I will be enrolling my son in a few months when he finishes college. The younger the better but it is never too late. Lots of excitement and lots of questions. Ready to dig in.

Everything about this course was exceptional. The material, the way it was taught, the teachers, the coaches, and Phil. I am new the the investing world and learnt so much through this workshop. The course was organized and we experienced no technical issues. I have recommended this course to many others who want to take charge of their investing goals. Thank you to Phil and the entire Rule # 1 Team! I’m looking forward to getting my butt kicked.

After reading Rule #1 and Payback Time, I was in love with Phil’s investment practices and philosophy. I’m relatively new to investing, so I really wanted a next step to take for Rule #1 strategies and practice. The seminar seemed like an excellent next step to take. It proved to be the best financial investment I’ve ever made. Phil Town and his excellent team provided more value in 3 days than anything I’ve ever experienced. There is no fluff, only ACTIONABLE information. Action is what brings results, so in 3 days I gained the knowledge and skills necessary to truly feel empowered and capable on my journey. If you’re looking for direction, empowerment, and actionable investment practices to shape your financial reality, I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough.

As Warren Buffett says, price is what you pay, but value is what you get. If this workshop was a stock, what you paid for was totally beneath its intrinsic value. Highly recommend to anyone who's looking to learn how to invest the right way, by following proven strategies over multiple decades. Thank you to Phil and his awesome Rule One family.

Good morning, The workshop was amazing. I was taught many strategies that I was unfamiliar with. I am very excited to put these strategies in practice. The lectures and the coaches were all top notch. I commend you for the high quality of this workshop. I look forward to working with you more in the future. Ernie

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The Rule #1 Virtual Investing Workshop is a 3-Day interactive event featuring Phil Town and his coaches, providing the same hands-on education taught at the Rule #1 in-person workshops, only from the comfort of your home. Students will learn how to invest like the best investors in the world using the same proven concepts as the top world investors like Warren Buffett.

During these 3 days, students will begin their investing journey by learning how to find and buy great companies to invest in at half price and create a market-crash portfolio.