InvestED Ep. 133- Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin (Part 1 of 2)

Everyone is talking about it, and after our Live Event in Vancouver recently, we felt like we wanted to dive in and discuss more about the world of cryptocurrency. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be looking at various aspects of this new form of “investing”, this week we are kicking it off with Blockchain.

In Episode 133 You’ll Learn:

  1. Are Phil & Danielle Investing in Bitcoin?
    1. Is it really investing? Getting assets that have cash flow, without cash flow it is extremely difficult for us to know what it’s worth.
    2. What does the future cash flow look like? It’s hard to predict.
  2. What is Cryptocurrency?
    1. A Digital Currency with no intrinsic or tangible value. It is also not limited to one particular country or location.
  3. What is Blockchain?
    1. A distributed ledger of who owns “what” checked by a computer program that is continuously updated in real time and checked by users around the world.
    2. Any government will have a great deal of difficulty finding out who owns what, anonymity plays a huge role in the allure of cryptocurrency.
    3. Mining the cryptocurrency – you get paid in bitcoin for doing the check.
  4. What might happen in the future?
    1. Can you have a government really jump in and affect this?
    2. Look at what is happening in China & Russia

Show Notes:


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  • Blockchain is not in my wheelhouse. So, I read a great book about it:

    The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are
    Challenging the Global Economic Order – Paul Vigna
    and Michael J.Casey

    I did learn lot about Mt Croix, the largest Bitcoin exchange which was supported by blockchain, until it went BK in 2014 due to losing $500M. Recently, the former CEO, Mark Karpelès, was arrested for embezzlement, etc.

    I am staying within my circle of competence.

  • Hi Phil & Danielle,

    I can explain Blockchain technology and other distributed ledger systems to you, so that you understand better how it can actually be very secure. It’s not instantaneous, but it is pretty fast. The record is permanent, indelible, and unfalsifiable after about one hour. DM me on Twitter (@AlanMcBee) if you would like to spend about 15 minutes on it (more if you want), and I will give you a very clear, very good understanding of how it works, why it is more secure than any other recording system we have, and how it makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency possible.

    I’m a software solution architect, and also a graduate of the Rule #1 advanced course (post-workshop) and a committed Rule #1er.