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Warren Buffett Facts Infographic: Remarkable Facts About Your Favorite Investor

Warren Buffett is quite the investing legend (and our favorite Rule #1 investor), building a net worth of over $87 billion dollars over his wonderful life.

We can learn a lot about the way the “Oracle of Omaha” lives his life. His wisdom, from his quotes to his life, inspires us daily to be better investors and make the world a better place for us and our families.

In honor of his birthday on August 30th, we put together an infographic of Warren Buffett facts. From his stock portfolio, to his Nokia flip phone, and his philanthropic efforts, this infographic has a little bit of everything you need to know about our favorite Rule #1 investor.


What have you learned from Warren Buffett? Leave a comment below with your answer. While you’re here, you can start down your path to financial freedom by downloading this free book of quotes and tips!


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