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Investing for Beginners: 10 Steps to Get Started

It’s never too early to start planning for the future and learning how to invest.

The most important thing you can do is get an investing education first. Learn the basics of the stock market and if there is something that you don’t quite understand, ask. That’s the secret to successful investing for beginners. A good place to start is by reading Rule #1. It gives a great foundation to investing principles used by Warren Buffett and other great investors.

In this video I explain the first 10 steps beginners should take when you start investing.

It will help set your foundation for becoming a great investor in the near future.

Remember what you’re trying to do here…

You’re going to try to buy $10 dollars of value for $5 dollars.

Understand that Rule # 1 is “Don’t Lose Money,” but what it means in practical terms is to invest with certainty. Certainty comes from this: Buying a wonderful business at an attractive price.

If you follow these 10 steps when you start investing you’ll do just fine in the stock market. You’ll be able to outperform 90% of all of the professional fund managers who invest for a living.

I’ve created a Quick Start Guide to Rule #1 Investing. In it, you’ll get the best of my two books Rule #1 and Payback Time. Learn how to get past the two barriers that make retirement difficult and more ways to get started investing.




Phil Town is an investment advisor, hedge fund manager, 3x NY Times Best-Selling Author, ex-Grand Canyon river guide, and former Lieutenant in the US Army Special Forces. He and his wife, Melissa, share a passion for horses, polo, and eventing. Phil’s goal is to help you learn how to invest and achieve financial independence.
Investing for Beginners: 10 Steps to Get Started
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Investing for Beginners: 10 Steps to Get Started
Discover the basics of investing for beginners and use these 10 steps, from financial expert Phil Town, to get started today.
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