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How to Invest Like the Best

Rule1 Phil Town

Expert investor, Phil Town, will quickly teach you to:

  • Find and buy stocks in wonderful businesses while they're on sale

  • Generate consistent returns annually with low risk, high-return investments

  • Get your money off the table sooner and reduce your risk


Rule One Testimonials

Follow Town’s simple, time-tested precepts, and even unsophisticated investors will leave most mutual fund managers in the dust.

Arthur Levitt
Former Chairman of the SEC

I’m new to investing, so this is like learning a new language, but the way Phil describes it makes it simple to grasp and it’s really in line with a lot of the other greats, like Warren Buffett.

Nick Jones
Rule #1 Student

I’ve actually known Phil Town for many years and I’ve always wanted to study with him and I am so glad that I took the time to learn this!

Mari Smith
Facebook Marketing Authority

What a fantastic 3 day workshop. You really have to do the prep work to get the most out of the time with Phil and his team, but the investment of your time is well worth it.

Rule #1 Student

This has been the most powerful workshop that I have been a part of. The workshop is very detailed and informational. Although it's only 3 days, the amount of information that you consume will last you a lifetime. I'm ready to go out and put the information into practice.

Rule #1 Student