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Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin (part 2)

In this week’s episode, we continue discussing the pros and cons of new technology investing (or trading) opportunities. Join us as we discuss the risks of an unknown world where our current currency system could be at risk, and what we really think about it.

In Episode 134 You’ll Learn:

  1. Investing in Cryptocurrency
    1. Are you actually investing, or are you just trading?
      1. Investing: Buying & selling with a high degree of certainty of something’s particular value over a period of time.
      2. Trading: Buying & selling quickly risking higher returns for higher risk.
    2. You are buying a currency that you cannot necessarily use to live or “buy bread” immediately as you could other known currencies. It’s value is relevant to how you can actually use it.
    3. Cryptocurrency is much more like a commodity and it needs to be converted to another currency to acquire its value.
    4. The trouble is nobody really knows yet, so you are trading, rather than investing.
  2. What are both sides saying?
    1. James Dimon
      1. Part of “The Establishment” & CEO of JP Morgan
        1. Says it’s worse than “Tulip Bulb” bubble in the 1600’s when bulbs were thought to be rare and were sold for up to $1,000, it crashed horrifically.
    2. Mark Cuban – Well Known Investor
      1. Thinks Bitcoin is a bubble but is backing his own cryptocurrency.
      2. UnikoinGold – Based around sports betting.

Show Notes:

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