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Market Fluctuations, Invested & Market Crashes

Phil Town
Phil Town

Following the release of the book that I co-authored with my daughter Danielle Town, Invested: How Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Taught Me to Master My Mind, My Emotions, and My Money (with a Little Help from My Dad), Danielle and I have been hitting the media circuit.

It's been a busy time, however, it has also been a lot of fun!

I wanted to post some of my recent interviews for you.

Here's a link to all of the interviews and some short summaries on what we cover.

MSNBC: Would Warren Buffett Buy Your Business?

I talk quite a bit about investing in companies that Warren Buffet would buy, but, if you run your own company, it's also important to build a company that Warren Buffet would buy. This was the topic of my interview with JJ Ramberg on MSNBC.

When you take the time to look at your business using the same analysis that an astute investor would use before buying it, you can highlight both the strengths you need to capitalize on as well as the weaknesses you need to address.

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CNBC: Money Lessons from Dad

A recurring theme in the book Invested is the financial lessons I was able to teach Danielle and the way in which she adapted them to fit her own unique approach.

On CNBC, Danielle and I sat down with Becky Quick to discuss some of the financial lessons we both learned along the way - both the ones that came easily as well as the ones that came with a little more difficulty. Danielle and I feel that these lessons can be applied to anyone’s investing journey.

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Yahoo Finance: 4 Steps to Getting Over Your Fear of Investing

I've recommended Yahoo Finance before as a great resource for investors to find information, so I was so excited that Danielle and I had the chance to sit down with them. In this interview, we discuss a powerful emotion that holds people back from investing: fear.

For those who are new to the market, as Danielle was when I first started teaching her (and even as I was at one point in time), all of the confusing terminology and potential for risk can no doubt be frightening. However, getting past that fear is essential for meeting your financial goals. In this interview, Danielle and I discuss four steps people can use to get past their fear of investing and start working towards financial freedom.

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The Street: A Millennial and a Baby Boomer Sound Off on Facebook's Data Woes

Concerns over Facebook's use of private user data was by far one of the biggest stories in the market so far this year. When it comes to perspectives regarding social media platforms such as Facebook, there's often a bit of a generational divide.

That's why I found it really interesting for Danielle, a millennial, and myself, a baby boomer, to have the opportunity to sit down with Scott Gamm of The Street and offer our unique takes on Facebook's data woes.

We certainly didn't come to any set-in-stone conclusions about the future of Facebook and other social media companies, but I do think the discussion will help shed some light on this very unique and arguably precarious market.

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The Street: This Expert Who Exited Stocks in 2007 Fears Another Market Crash

In my second appearance on The Street, I sat down with Scott Gamm again to discuss why I fear we may be on the verge of another market crash. In 2007, I managed to see the signs of an impending crash and exited the market before the recession.

Now, those signs are rearing their ugly heads once again, and I talk with Scott about why I am a little leery of the current market. There's never any way to predict a market crash with absolute certainty, and the bull market we have been enjoying for years may very well carry on for a few years more.

However, there are a few concerning signs that investors should be aware of when deciding whether to enter or exit the market.

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Cheddar: Becoming Invested in Investing

Becoming invested in investing is a concept that is key to investing success, and it's one that Danielle and I thoroughly cover in our book. On Cheddar, we dive into this concept a little as well as talk about some of the inspiration behind Invested.

When you are able to make investing a part of your lifestyle and commit to doing what it takes to have investing success, results will follow. If there's one point Danielle and I wanted to drive home both through our book and our media appearances, it's this: when you invest in investing, you're sure to be satisfied with the returns.

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