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Happy 2007

Phil Town
Phil Town

Happy New Year!  Posting has been light the past two weeks due to the holidays, but you should expect to see some new material up on the Rule #1 Blog soon.

First off, some news & milestones:

  • Rule #1 was Amazon's best-selling business book for 2006

  • Rule #1 was the # 5 best-selling business book in Canada in 2006 (click here to see who else was on the list)

And for those wondering about my speaking schedule, here are two upcoming dates when I'll be touring with Get Motivated:

  • January 17, Tucscon, AZ

  • January 25, Atlanta, GA

Thank you all for your continued support of the book and contributions to this blog.  I hope your 2007 is off to a happy and profitable start.  Now go play!