Invested: Ep. 115- Misbehaving (Part 2)

This week, Danielle and I are discussing football and investments. Particularly, behavioral finance and how the stock market functions according to the efficient market hypothesis. We will also discuss, the NFL draft and how it relates to the importance of patience in investments. In Episode 115 You’ll Learn: The Efficient Market Hypothesis The “Econs” viewpoints/theory Read more.

InvestED: Ep. 114- Misbehaving

This week we dive into our latest favorite investing book, Misbehaving, by Richard Thaler. We discuss how Thaler has coined a new term on the market as Behavioral Economics and how he has disproven some long-standing investing “norms” with his new theories and studies. Learn more as we dive deep into Thaler’s concepts, and Danielle’s Read more.