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Rule #1 Calculators

Rule #1 Calculators

Market Cap Calculator

Use this calculator to understand the relationship between share price and number of shares outstanding.

Calculate Market Cap

Rule #1 Calculators

Find the Right Calculator

Utilize an investment calculator to determine whether investing in a particular stock is a good idea or not.

Find Your Calculator

Rule #1 Calculators

Payback Time Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how long it will take you to get your investment back, based on the company's historical earnings stream.

Calculate Payback Time

Rule #1 Calculators

Equity AKA Book Value Per Share

This calculator determines the rate a company has grown its Equity, or Book Value Per Share.

Calculate Equity

Rule #1 Calculators

Retirement Time Calculator

This calculator determines your future annual cash needs, annual savings needed and total future savings.

Calculate Retirement Time

Rule #1 Calculators

EPS Growth Rate

This calculator determines Earnings Per Share, one of the 'Big 5 Numbers' required to know whether a company is a wonderful business to invest in.

Calculate EPS Growth Rate

Rule #1 Calculators

ROIC Calculator

Use the Return on Invested Capital Calculator to determine if a business is well managed.

Calculate ROIC

Advanced Investing,Rule #1 Calculators

Sales Growth Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the Sales Growth Rate, or rate a company has grown its sales year over year.

Calculate Sales Growth Rate

Advanced Investing,Rule #1 Calculators

Sticker Price & Margin of Safety Calculator

Use this calculator to determine if you can buy the company safely to make a 15% return over a 10 year period.

Calculate MOS

Rule #1 Calculators

"Operating Cash" Growth Rate

This calculator determines if the operating cash flow trend within a company makes it good enough to invest in.

Calculate Cash Flow
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