Why Rule #1?

If you’re like most people, you’re tired of paying “experts” in the financial industry high fees for mediocre returns. But you’re afraid you don’t have the knowledge or time to learn to invest on your own.
That’s where my strategy comes into play.

The Rule #1 Transformational Investing Workshop will teach you how to take control of your money and make 15% returns in just 15 minutes a week with a low-risk, high-yield Warren Buffett-style investing approach.

phil-town-providing-best-investment-strategies-to-audience phil-town-shares-successful-stock-market-tips phil-town-reviews-stock-market-drops phil town invests in businesses with competitive advantage

Along with this full weekend of hands-on learning, real-time options trading, and market analysis, you’ll leave with so much knowledge, including:

  • Why the best investors in the world rely on Rule #1
  • How to get 20% per year dividends
  • How to find great stocks by copying the best Rule #1 investors
  • How to vote for your values with your money
  • How to use the arrows and charting to reduce risk & increase returns
  • How to sell "insurance" for cash flow & to reduce cost basis
  • How to 'rent stock' for more cash flow
  • How to evaluate a company
  • And so much more!


Day 1

9:00 AM Intro to Rule #1
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
5:30 PM Break for Dinner
7:00-10:00 PM Homework Analysis

Day 2

7:30 AM Start
12:00 PM BBQ at Phil's Ranch
3:00-6:00 PM Options Training
6:00 PM Break for Dinner
7:30-9:00 PM Options Training

Day 3

8:00 AM Start
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
3:00 PM End of Workshop

Our Attendees Have Come
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Don't Just Take It From Us...

Hear what our awesome attendees have to say about our workshop

"This was phenomenal... bridging the gap, to take you from a feeling of am I doing this right, to a feeling of confidence."

– Justin Biegler


"I'd recommend this to anybody who has money in mutual funds, or in anything that they don't have control over, to give themselves more control over their own money."

– Tracy


"I'm shocked. This conference is incredible! I would pay top dollar, knowing what I know now, just to go to this thing. And I got to go for free! Thank you is not enough to someone who will change my life forever."

– Hieu Pham


"I'd recommend this to everybody, because I think all Americans need to be more aware of their finances and what to do with their savings."

– Jim Harper


"After attending the workshop, I started trading, and my goal was to make enough doing the trading that I could quit my regular job, and I've retired from my job."

– Alison Mueller


"I really like the system, I think everyone should have an opportunity to use the system, and it really works for me. Plus, you learn from each other when you attend one of these seminars."

– Roxy Chanslor

Rule One Investing

About Phil Town

2x New York Times Bestselling Author and Hedge Fund Manager

In 1980, I was a Grand Canyon river guide making only $4,000 a year when someone shared this investing strategy with me. Within five years, I had turned $1,000 into $1.45 million. If I can do this, anyone can!

In 2014, my Rule #1 portfolio was ranked No. 1 by the American Association for Individual Investors when it produced a 50% rate of return. In 2013, it produced a 47% rate of return. I’ve been invited to speak on some of the most respected news stations, and shared stages with some of the most famous leaders of our time.

My mission is to empower individual investors around the world to take control of their money and transform their lives the Rule #1 way.


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    There are so many investing workshops out there, what’s different about this one?

    Most investing workshops either tell you to diversify to stay safe, or take big risks on dicey start-ups or strategies.

    Rule #1 is about getting high returns with low risk. How? We lower risk by knowing how to evaluate and find a few great businesses (yes, you can do this), and buying them when they’re on sale.

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    How much time will this take? I have a full-time job.

    This is a very hands-on workshop and you will practice my strategies during the workshop, and leave knowing which investments you’d like to make.

    You can start this on the side while you’re working. I’ve seen my busiest students do it. Even working moms have found the time to devote up front, then take back their future forever.

    Your initial time spent learning will save you months—even years—of time working in your retirement.

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    What if I’m a total novice and know nothing about investing?

    Have I mentioned that I was a Grand Canyon river guide making $4,000 a year in 1980 when someone shared the Rule #1 strategy with me?

    Anyone can learn my strategies. It takes some time and focus to learn them at the workshop, but they are straightforward and easy to use.

    There are college students, stay-at-home moms and working professionals sitting side by side at my workshops, all of whom are crushing it with the Rule #1 strategy today.

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    What’s the catch?

    My pet peeve is being deceived into a sales pitch. Please be assured that there will be NO SELLING of any sort at any time. You will not be forced, tricked or asked to buy anything.

    This is an intense educational workshop with me on stage 90 percent of the time teaching you how to invest so you can grow your wealth. I believe that everyone can make more by managing their own money the Rule #1 way, and that’s my mission with this workshop.

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    What does it cost to attend the three-day workshop?

    I am offering a limited number of scholarships to some attendees and their guests at no charge.

    At full-price, these scholarships go for $4,995.

    I give out scholarships to cast a wide net and get people who otherwise wouldn’t attend to see first-hand how their lives can change.

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    Does everyone who applies win a scholarship?

    No, a limited number of scholarships are approved and offered to attendees.

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    Can I bring a guest?

    Yes, your ticket includes the option to bring a guest, but you must enter their name in the confirmation form found here:


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