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Phil Town

Hi, I'm
Phil Town

2x New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of Rule #1 Investing

I was very fortunate in my life to learn to make money, but this wasn’t always the case. In fact, until 1980 I was nothing more than a Grand Canyon river guide who lived in a tent and drove a Harley. Long story short, after nearly killing my tour group and myself included, by misjudging the rapids and going over a cliff, one of the group members offered to teach me to invest. His thank you to me for saving his life. He taught me the one tried and true formula for building wealth — Rule #1.

Simple. Easy. Intuitive.

If you’re a good shopper who knows how to find wonderful things
at attractive prices, then you’ll have no trouble learning Rule #1.

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I started investing on my own with $1000 and a promise to myself that I’d become a millionaire in 5 years. Almost exactly five years later I had accumulated $1.45 million.

I also was invited to do TV and radio shows (frequently featured on CNBC, FOX, and MSNBC) and authored two #1 NY Times best sellers, Rule #1 and Payback Time.

Rule #1 will show you how I turned $1,000 into over $1 million in only five years.

Payback Time pulls back the curtain on the mutual fund managers who are responsible for growing your hard earned savings and do very little other than eat up much of it through poor decisions, commissions and fees.

Now go play,


I take a different approach than most "experts" out there

I don’t believe in giving away your savings to mutual fund managers so they can leave you with less than you started with.

I won’t tell you to diversify. Instead, buy a business you believe in and buy it at an attractive price.

I remain rational in the face of market volatility. I buy fear and sell greed.


James J. Cramer

TV Personality

“Rule #1 is the clearest & best book out there to get you on the path to riches”


Rich Karlgaard

Publisher, Forbes

“...How to buy quality stocks at a discount.”


Gene Marcial

Wall Street Insider

“Indeed, Rule #1 rules.”


Arthur Levitt

Former Chariman, SEC

“Follow Town’s simple, time-tested precepts, and even unsophisticated investors will leave most mutual fund managers in the dust”

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