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  • Phil's 14-Day Financially Fit Challenge

    Phil's 14-Day Financially Fit Challenge

    Get your finances in order in just 14 days to get on track to start investing!

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    Find out how to attend my live workshop for FREE and while you're there you could win $1,000!

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    Investing Webinar

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  • Get the best of my books!

    The Quick Start Guide to Rule #1 Investing

    Discover the highlights from both of my New York Times Bestsellers, Rule #1 & Payback Time.

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  • The Rule #1 ‘Big 5 Numbers’ Overview

    The Rule #1 'Big 5 Numbers' Overview

    A guide to the 5 numbers that matter
    most when calculating Rule #1 investments.

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  • The 3 Circles of Investing

    The "3 Circles" Investing Guide

    Use what you already know and love to figure out which business investments would best suit your lifestyle.

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  • Get the financial terms glossary today

    The Rule #1 Financial Terms Glossary

    A quick reference guide to Phil Town's investing terminology in easy-to-understand definitions.

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    The “Rule of 72” Cheat Sheet

    This simple math trick will help you figure out how quickly you can double your investments.

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  • Take the investor type quiz now!

    Find Out What Type of Investor You Are

    Discover what your investing weaknesses may be and how you can learn to manage money smarter.

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    6 Market-Crushing Principles

    These timeless principles have been used by Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, & many other top investors for over 80 years.

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    The Four M's to Successful Investing

    Make your investments with certainty by using proven rules, tips, and strategies.

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  • Get the best of my books!

    Find the Right Business

    This smart checklist to successful investing makes researching companies easier with an organized list of what to look for.

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    Early Retirement Calculator

    Give this retirement calculator a try and find out exactly how much you'll need to live comfortably.

    Retire Early
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    InvestED Podcast

    Listen to InvestED, my weekly podcast with valuable information about current market trends and the future of your money.

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    Investing Calculators

    Use Phil Town's Tools For Researching Wonderful Businesses & Potential Investments

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    Take Control of Your Money

    401(k) and mutual fund fees are stealing your money. Gain a better understanding to start investing without over-paying someone else.

    Stop Losing Your Money
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    Live a Stress-Free Retirement

    Visit my dedicated page all about how to live an enjoyable, stress-free, retirement.

    Retire Stress Free
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    The 3 Myths

    Learn the three greatest myths ever told about the stock market & why they are costing you thousands.

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    Here's what others are saying about Rule #1 Investing!

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