InvestED With Phil Town and Danielle Town


175- Investing Perspectives of Mohnish Pabrai (Part 4)

This week on InvestED we’ll continue our conversation about Mohnish Pabrai. We focus on Investing Checklists like those of Pabrai, Munger and others, and we will talk about the importance of utilizing them when seeking out wonderful businesses on sale. For show notes and more information, visit

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InvestED Ep. 166 – Technical Indicators: Stochastic Indicator

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This week I joyously conclude our discussion of Technical Indicators. Danielle seems to find a way to get me to admit the pros of Technical Indicators, and I will let you in on why those pros aren’t enough for a Value Investor. We’ll be wrapping up with a discussion on the Stochastic indicator.

InvestED: Ep. 165 – ETFs, Technical Indicators & MACD

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This week we’ll talk Nobel Prize winners, ETFs, and Danielle attempts to direct me toward finishing our discussion on technical indicators. In this episode, we will focus on the technical indicators, the MACD and Stochastic, and tell you a little bit about what type of investors use which indicators. Disclaimer: These indicators DON’T work for Read more.

InvestED Ep. 164 – Charlie Munger’s 3 Ways to Build a Great Portfolio

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This week Phil shares a few of Charlie Munger’s lesser known secrets on how to build a great investment portfolio. Join us as we dive in on gurus, cannibal companies, and valuable spin-offs that can take your returns to the next level.

InvestED Ep. 163 – Technical Indicators: The Death Cross & Moving Average

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It may have taken us a few weeks to get there, but Danielle is persistently reminding me to discuss technical indicators.  This week tune in as we go over the moving average and what it means, next week we will cover 2 more indicators that may be useful.

InvestED Ep. 162- Special Guest: Laura Rittenhouse on How to Identify Great Management from Shareholder Letters

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Join us as we have the pleasure of sitting down with author and Queen of Candor, Laura Rittenhouse. We are coming to you live after the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting to talk about how to separate the average management from the great when reading annual shareholder letters.

InvestED: Episode 161 – Why You Should Be Tuning in to Quarterly Earning Calls

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We are coming to you this week to discuss the wonders of Chipotle and why it is so important to be present during quarterly earnings calls for the companies you own. We are also announcing some exciting meet & greet opportunities coming up this weekend!

InvestED Ep. 160 – Intrinsic Value: Let’s Talk About Tesla

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We are back and better than ever coming to you to discuss different types of trading, finishing up our discussion on intrinsic value, and a little about what’s happening in the market including Tesla.

Invested: Ep. 159- When To Exit the Stock Market: Intrinsic Value

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This week we continue our talk about when to sell stocks and when to get out of the market. Today you’ll learn how to ensure that when the stock market corrects, you have enough value to be able to invest and capitalize on the situation.

Invested Ep. 158 – Stock Market Indicators: Can You Time The Market? (Part 1.5)

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This week we continue our discussion about timing in the marketplace, how Warren Buffett strategizes his long term and short term investments, and how to determine intrinsic value when buying and selling. Tune into listen to our continued conversation about why timing the market can help or hurt your investing goals.