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154- Facebook Drop, Blue Apron Evaluation & Our New Book, Invested!

This week we briefly go over this morning’s Facebook drop in the market, before we dive right into Blue Apron’s evaluation. You won’t want to miss this episode if you want a step by step guide for looking into a company of interest.

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InvestED Ep.145- Phil’s Favorite Gurus: Guy Spier & Prem Watsa

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We are continuing to take a closer look at some of the best Rule #1 Investors out in the market today and where their money is currently. Join us as we talk about the new book, Invested, and how to model your investing methodology off some of the best in the world.

InvestED: Episode 144- Phil’s Favorite Gurus: Mohnish Pabrai

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This week on InvestED podcast, Danielle and I are coming to you live from San Diego, California to continue our discussion on investing gurus and to reveal another guru that Phil Town himself admires and follows. Take a look at Mohnish Pabrai’s portfolio with us.

InvestED: Episode 143- Phil’s Favorite Gurus: Allan Mecham [Live from San Diego]

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This week on InvestED, Danielle and I are coming to you live from San Diego, California to continue our discussion on investing gurus and to reveal one guru that Phil follows. Take a look into Allan Mecham’s portfolio with us.

InvestED: Episode 142- Special Edition: A Holiday Message from Phil & Danielle

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We often talk a great deal about wealth and making money, but today we want to share why it is so much more than that.

InvestED Ep.141- A Closer Look at Your Favorite Investing Gurus

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As promised, we are back this week to continue discussing investing gurus in the market that you can model your own investing off of. Join us as we dive in and take a closer look at Phil’s curated list of gurus he has created and why he chose them.

InvestED Ep. 140-  What is Market Neutral Investing?

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We are back this week and jumping right back into looking at how the pros invest their money. You’ll learn what market neutral investing is, along with a few lessons when it comes to hedge funds and the terminology involved.

InvestED: Episode 139- From the Vault: How to Make Your First Trade

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Going back to basics. Questions like where do you start making trades? What is a stock? In this podcast, Phil and Danielle discuss the tools you’ll use for your first trade and the type of investment brokerage account options for the new and seasoned investor alike.

InvestED Ep. 138- How to Find and Follow Investing Gurus

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We are back this week to answer some great questions we’ve received about how to find investing gurus that you can learn from.  We will show you how to find the information you need easily from these investors which will paint a clearer picture for you when it comes to your own personal investing journey.

InvestED Ep. 137- How to be Thankful in Life & Investing

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This week we are giving cryptocurrency a break and we are focusing on our gratitude before the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays. We are incredibly grateful for all of our listeners and hope you enjoy thinking about investing from a different perspective this week.