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141- A Closer Look at Your Favorite Investing Gurus

As promised, we are back this week to continue discussing investing gurus in the market that you can model your own investing off of. Join us as we dive in and take a closer look at Phil’s curated list of gurus he has created and why he chose them.

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InvestED with Special Guest Jack Canfield on How to Eliminate Your Fear [2 Part Series]

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We have the pleasure of sitting down with Jack Canfield, a long time friend, and the world’s greatest success coach. Tune in as we ask Jack how he reacts to fear and how he feels about investing alongside your values. You don’t want to miss this episode, we promise.

InvestED Ep. 130- Ignorance is Not Bliss

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Today we’re looking at the differences between Active Investing & Passive Investing to help you better decide what’s best for your financial future.

InvestED Ep. 129- Learn to Bet Against the Masses

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This week we kick off our discussion with Ray Dalio’s new book, Principles and the fund he created to protect his most precious assets. Touching on the concept of investing in Bitcoin & Gold as well for diversification.

InvestED Ep. 128- Let’s Talk About Tesla

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We’ve been receiving your emails and finally, are having the opportunity to talk about Tesla. Everyone wants in on it, but do you know the details behind the hype? Find out today.

InvestED Ep.127- You’ll Never Know Until the Tide Goes Out

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Jump back in where we left off looking into management, the good, great, and awful. Danielle and I discuss the top signs to look for when you are researching a company and its management.

InvestED: Ep. 126- Devious Management

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This week we discuss management teams and the differences between a good CEO and a bad CEO. We also talk about the recent 99% stock price drop of a shipping company and why it may have happened.

InvestED Ep. 125- Disrupted: America’s Grocery Industry

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Join us as we discuss the Amazon & Whole Foods Deal which has finally gone official as of Monday, August 28th. We will discuss the deal, different company’s moats, and the industry that you might want to avoid for awhile.

InvestED Ep.124- Stocks & Baseball: See the Similarities

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This week we are giving you another way to learn Rule #1 in the most unexpected way, baseball. Danielle and I discuss Ted Williams’ hitting strategy and how it could make you some serious cash if you mirror it with your investing.

InvestED Ep. 123- Choosing Your Management Team

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Some investors don’t pay attention to this little detail, but as Rule #1 investors, it’s something that matters the most… Management! Join us this week as we discuss how to identify great (or awful) management teams and how to purchase your stock accordingly.