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Watch these short videos from Phil
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Rule #1 Investing.

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Read the Book

Read the Book

Read Phil’s New York Times Best-Selling Book, Rule #1, for a fantastic overview of the strategy the pros rely on.

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Tools You'll Need

Tools You'll Need

Make sure to set up your paper-trading account and download these important supplemental resources.

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The Breakout Session

The Breakout Session:
Business Analysis Homework

Most attendees leave feeling Friday’s group activity was one of the most valuable lessons they walked away with.

By the end of your first day, your head will be filled with investing ideas you’ll be excited to act on! That’s why Phil assigns each person homework to complete, where you will analyze a company you value and then explain to the rest of the attendees why they should buy it.

This a crucial part of the training that teaches you how to get started and is the first big stepping stone into Rule #1 Investing.

Winner Gets Amazon Giftcard

You’ll present your findings to your team Saturday morning. The winner of your team will receive a $100 Amazon gift card!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win! Make sure you attend the session Friday from 7-10pm and are ready to present the following morning.

Start Investing Confidently

Smart Investing

Smart Investing

How to find great stocks by copying top investing gurus like Buffett and Munger

See Real Results

See Real Results

How to yield 15-20% returns, instead of the 5-10% that the rest of the industry strives for

Optimize Your Investment

Optimize Your Investments

How to create an inflation-proof portfolio and claim financial freedom


Day 1

8:30 AM Intro to Rule #1
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
5:30 PM Break for Dinner
7:00-10 PM Homework Analysis

Day 2

7:30 AM Start
12:00 PM BBQ at Phil's Ranch
3:00-6:00 PM Options Training
6:00 PM Break for Dinner
7:30-9:00 PM Options Training

Day 3

8:00 AM Start
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
3:00 PM End of Workshop


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    What’s makes this investing workshop different?

    Most investing workshops either tell you to diversify in order to stay safe, or take big risks on dicey start-ups or strategies; these are low-risk, low-return or high-risk, high-return.

    Rule #1 is about getting high returns with low risk. We lower risk by knowing how to evaluate and find a few great businesses and buying them when they’re on sale. My goal is for you to invest with certainty and I will instill that confidence in you at this workshop.

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    What is the difference between the investing Livestream compared to the in-person Workshop?

    The livestream allows you to take part in this 3-day investing workshop event from the comfort of your own home. Once you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive an email with a link to your group viewing room, where you can watch and follow along with a free workbook.

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    What if I know nothing about investing or finance and am a total novice?

    Anyone can learn to invest successfully with Rule #1. I was a Grand Canyon river guide making $4,000 a year in 1985 when someone shared this investing strategy with me.

    It takes some time and focus to learn the full strategy at the workshop, but it is straightforward and easy to use. You’ll see college students, single parents and working professionals all sitting side by side at the workshop, all of whom are successfully investing on their own today.

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    Is anyone going to be available to help me understand what is being taught?

    Yes! You’ll have a dedicated coach for your group that will be available to answer questions and hold breakout sessions to ensure you learn as much as possible. The livestream is just a more convenient way to get this great education without the travel and lodging cost.

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    What’s the catch?

    No catch! Please be assured that there will be NO SELLING of any sort at any time. You will not be forced, tricked or even asked to buy anything.

    This is an intense educational workshop with me teaching you how to invest so you can grow your wealth. I believe that everyone can make more money with personal investing, and that’s my mission with this workshop.

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    Is this event recorded so I can watch it again?

    Unfortunately, no. In the same way that attendees who come to the live event have to rely on their notes and resources when they leave, the same is true with the Livestream. You are welcome to attend again in the future - but we do not distribute recordings. This helps us maintain the integrity of the program.

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    Can I attend the 3-day Investing Workshop Live in the future?

    Yes! If you love the Livestream event and you want to see what it’s like to attend in person with a crowd of like-minded individuals then you’re welcome to apply on our Workshop page, here.

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"I'd recommend this to anybody who has money in mutual funds, or in anything that they don't have control over, to give themselves more control over their own money."



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“I'm shocked. This conference is incredible! I would pay top dollar, knowing what I know now, just to go to this thing. And I got to go for free! Thank you is not enough to someone who will change my life forever."

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