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Rule One Investing

Rule #1 Course

Learn the Rule #1 Investing Basics quickly, with easy-to-follow exercises that test your knowledge.

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Free Investing Guides

Rule One Investing

Understanding Market Capitalization

Calculate market capitalization to better understand your top companies.

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Rule One Investing

Warren Buffett Book of Quotes

Quotes and tips from one of the world’s greatest investing gurus.

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Rule One Investing

Financial Success Planner

Set up your most successful year ever with this 12 Month Financial Success Planner.

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14-Day Challenge

Get all of your finances in order in just 14 days and get on track to start investing!

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Invested: Sneak Peek

Exclusive sneak peek into the new essential investing handbook by Phil and Danielle Town.

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Quick Start Guide

Get access to the highlights from both my NY Times best-sellers, Rule #1 and Payback Time.

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The Best Of InvestED

Learn how to invest easily by listening to the best of the InvestED podcast whenever, wherever.

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The Four M’s

Make new investments with certainty by using proven rules, tips, and strategies.

Invest With Confidence
Rule One Investing

Retirement Calculator

Find out exactly how much you’ll need to save and invest in order to retire comfortably.

Retire Early
Rule One Investing

Learn the 6 Principles

These timeless principles have been used by Buffett & other top investors for over 80 years.

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Rule One Investing

3 Investing Myths

Learn the three greatest myths about the stock market & why they’re costing you thousands.

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Rule One Investing

5 Competitive Moats

Use this guide to see which Rule #1 Business Moats make smart investments.

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Rule One Investing

The “Big 5 Numbers”

A cheat sheet to the 5 numbers that matter most when calculating Rule #1 investments.

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Rule One Investing

Rule #1 Intro Workbook

Learn the basics of Rule #1 Investing with straightforward steps in this intro workbook.

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Checklists & Tools

Rule One Investing


Get free access to my Toolbox and start analyzing stocks and potential business investments.

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Rule One Investing

Get Out of Debt Checklist

This free Get Out of Debt Checklist will guide you through 10 easy ways to pay off your debt.

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Rule One Investing

Retirement Quiz

Take this free retirement quiz to find out if you're prepared for a comfortable lifestyle after work.

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Rule One Investing

Investing Checklist

Make researching companies easier with this organized list of exactly what to look for.

Find The Right Business
Rule One Investing

Investing Calculators

Use Phil Town’s tools for researching wonderful businesses and potential investments.

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Rule One Investing

Investing Personality Quiz

Discover your investing weaknesses and how you can learn to manage money smarter.

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3 Step Investing Guide

Take what you are interested in to find investments that match your lifestyle.

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Rule One Investing

Financial Terms Glossary

A quick-reference dictionary for investing terminology in easy-to-understand definitions.

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Rule One Investing

The Rule of 72

This simple trick will help you figure out how quickly your investment money will double.

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