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InvestED: Ep. 180- What Nike’s New Campaign Means for Their Stock

This week we’ll take a step back and remind ourselves how and why we practice investing the way that we do in Rule #1 Investing. We’ll take a look at the recent controversial Nike ad and what it means for their bottom line.



In Episode 180 You’ll Learn:

What’s Going On with Nike?

  • Nike recently released an ad featuring a controversial football player, Colin Kaepernick.
    • It is important to consider social situations that can impact the price of a stock.
  • Initially, Nike’s stock price dropped.
    • Following shortly, Nike’s stocks rose to an all-time high.
  • In creating this ad, Nike has followed one of the tenants of Rule #1: put your money behind your values.
  • This ad campaign proves that stock prices are different than value.
    • Nothing about Nike’s business has changed, but the ad campaign has massively impacted their numbers.
  • Could this be a signal that Nike is worth more? Is this simply a fleeting event?
  • We want to buy companies in which the MOAT is so large, someone with no experience could run it, thereby protecting your investment.
    • We want to put our money in big boats that won’t sink.
  • An example of emotions dictating the investor’s decisions.
    • Be wary of pulling out of a company solely due to a difference in opinion – what does it really mean for the bottom line?
    • This is different than personal values. You must consider whether or not a difference in values is worth pulling out of a company.
    • Nike and others are looking at their bottom line asking whether or not ads or other such decisions warrant utilizing perceived social responsibilities.
      • Approaching advertising with an eye toward social issues can be either beneficial or detrimental. It is up to the company to decide the importance of that information.

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