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InvestED: Ep. 44- Understanding Chipotle’s Value (Part 2)

If you ask most financial advisors or hedge fund managers, almost all of them will say you should separate your personal values from your investing decisions. In this week’s episode, we discuss why you SHOULD invest based on your values, how to use key metrics in order to value Chipotle, and why McDonald’s has the best Coca-Cola.

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In Episode 44 You Will Learn

  1. The main thing you have to do in order to be a good investor.
  2. Why you should wait until Mr. Market is afraid and cheap in order to start buying companies.
  3. Why learning how to invest is as easy (or easier) than learning how to drive a car.
  4. Why you should like and believe in the company you’re considering buying.
  5. The 4 numbers you need to know in order to thoroughly value a company.
  6. Why trying to value a company based solely on its past performance is like trying to drive a car by looking out the rear window.
  7. Some key numbers we use to evaluate a company.

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On the InvestED podcast, Phil and his daughter Danielle shine a light on the successful investing strategies that gurus like Warren Buffett have used for 80 years. Listen in for a great stock market education on basics, learn how to invest on your own, and follow along with real-time examples and investing tips from week to week.