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InvestED: Ep. 43- Understanding Chipotle’s Value

When you understand the company you want to invest in and it has meaning to you, the stock market becomes much less risky. This week we create a “story” for Chipotle Mexican Grill and show you the way to go about analyzing any company.

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In Episode 43 You’ll Learn

  1. What Warren Buffett thinks about the day-to-day pricing of the stock market.
  2. Why creating a “story” about a business and understanding the company is so important.
  3. What is a “guru” and why do we like to see one of them buying the business we’re researching?
  4. Why a guru might not be buying a good company like Chipotle.
  5. Why it’s important to stay away from what you don’t know and focus on the things and companies that you’re already buying into as a consumer.
  6. How to identify if the management of a company is doing a good job by looking at numbers.
  7. How to use growth rates to identify a moat.
  8. What the analysts are saying about Chipotle.

Show Notes

Management Numbers

Where to Find These Numbers

Featured Photo: Michael Saechang under a Creative Commons License 

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