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Invested: Episode 08- Buying 10 Dollar Bills for 5 Dollars (Part 1)

How do you determine if a company is on sale?

Is it possible for a regular person to invest like the best investors? There are thousands of baby boomers with no retirement. What is their course of action?

What is a margin of safety and how do you find it?

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In Podcast 08 You Will Learn

1. Why young people should think about investing as soon as they can. 1:50

2. If the average person could learn to invest early and make great returns, you would have enough money to retire at 44 rather than 65 or 75 years old. 2:45

3. Why if you start with a small amount of money, you could make bigger returns than using large amounts like Warren Buffett. 5:00

4. How do you determine if a business is on sale or not? 6:22

5. Why fund managers move in and out of indexes. 9:20

6. What are small cap stocks? 10:28

7. How the big mutual fund managers cause stocks to go up and down. 12:00

8. How do we know when the market prices something wrong? Or when a company is on sale? 14:05

9. How to put a value on a business? 16:25

10. What is the P/E Ratio. 29:20

Show Notes

S&P 500

Russell 2000 Index

Small Cap Stocks

Momentum Investor

P/E Ratio

On the InvestED podcast, Phil and his daughter Danielle shine a light on the successful investing strategies that gurus like Warren Buffett have used for 80 years. Listen in for a great stock market education on basics, learn how to invest on your own, and follow along with real-time examples and investing tips from week to week.