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InvestED: Ep. 84 – Guy Spier on Investing, Research, and Management

We are excited to introduce our first special guest on InvestED, Guy Spier, Hedge Fund manager and author of Education of a Value Investor, for a special 3 part series covering value investing basics. This week we’ll cover how Guy researches a company’s management and why he never gives or takes advice on investing.

In Episode 84 You’ll Learn:

  1. Guy Spier’s experience with the bankruptcy of Horsehead Holding.
  2. Why you should forgive yourself for your mistakes.
  3. How Guy researches company management.
  4. How Guy’s views on talking to management have changed since he published his book.
  5. How to avoid bias when researching a company.
  6. Why having management with integrity and talent is important and how to find it.
  7. Why it’s important to avoid giving advice and speak from experience instead.

Show Notes:


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