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InvestED: Ep. 38- Investing in Commodities (Part 2)

In last week’s episode, we gave you an overview of commodities and discussed the one trait that sets them apart from other types of investments. This week, we explore the different ways you can invest in commodities, whether or not they keep up with inflation, and in what scenarios they could be a worthwhile investment despite their inherent risk.

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In Episode 38 You Will Learn

  1. Why you should restructure your thinking about what buying low and selling high means.
  2. The aspect that fear and greed play in the pricing of commodities.
  3. Why investing in commodities may be more difficult (and riskier) than other forms of investing.
  4. Whether or not commodity prices have kept up with inflation during the last 30 years – and where one expert predicts they’re going in the future.
  5. The 4 different ways you can invest in commodities and the differences between them.
  6. Whether or not commodities have a durable competitive advantage as a long term investment.
  7. The one moat that a commodities company could have that may make it a potentially worthwhile investment.

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