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InvestED: Ep. 235- Vitaliy Katsenelson on Budgeting & Success (Part 1)

“Budgeting is a tool to help prioritize what you value.” – Vitaliy Katsenelson

This week on InvestED Danielle meets Vitaliy Katsenelson, CEO of IMA Financial Group in Denver, Colorado and author of “The Little Book of Sideways Markets.”

A fantastic long-term investor, Vitaliy grew up in Soviet Russia and has a fascinating story to share around how he achieved the success he has now.

Growing up, money was always secondary to Vitaliy’s parents. They made sure to have enough to cover their basic needs but it was never their drive. They valued experiences and cultural knowledge above wealth.

At the age of 18, Vitaliy moved to the United States with his family. Seeing the move as a second chance, he went back to high school at 19 to learn English and worked late nights at a local diner. He recognized a change in his family’s relationship with money. It became a means of fighting for survival.

One key factor that Vitaliy recognizes to have impacted his financial success is budgeting. If you want to hear more about Vitaliy and how his perspective on budgeting laid the foundation for his financial success, join us on the podcast today!

Show Notes:
The Little Book of Sideways Markets: How to Make Money in Markets that Go Nowhere

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