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InvestED: Ep. 234- Veronica Dagher on the Secrets of Successful Women

“That’s the key…to know how to pivot properly.” – Danielle Town

On this week’s episode of InvestEd, Danielle welcomes a very special guest, Veronica Dagher. Veronica is the host of the podcast “Secrets of Wealthy Women”,  a successful Wall Street Reporter, and author of her new book, “Resilience.”

Veronica started her podcast “Secrets of Wealthy Women” about two years ago as a means to encourage women to empower themselves financially. Successful women executives, workplace pioneers, and female entrepreneurs speak as guests on the show and reveal insights on how to get ahead, reach your goals, and achieve professional success.

Listeners of Dagher’s show desired more and wanted to delve deeper into these inspirational stories, so much so that Veronica decided to write “Resilience.”

What Veronica found in her interviews with so many successful women is that the one thing they all have in common is resilience. No matter where they came from, they had to have some level of resilience to achieve their level of success.

No one really knows what they’re doing, ever. But having confidence in knowing that you’ll be okay and being able to pick yourself up after failure is paramount for success.

If you want to hear more from Veronica Dagher and the inspirational women that she has interviewed, join us on the podcast today!

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