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InvestED: Ep. 229- Warren Buffett’s Birthday

“It’s super important that we take the best we can from previous generations and be the best we can be for the next generation – learn your lessons. Be humble, be willing to listen to the people you love.” – Phil Town

On this week’s episode of InvestED, we celebrate Warren Buffett’s 89th birthday and commemorate all of his successes.

Warren Buffett is living proof that it is possible for an ordinary person of ordinary intelligence to invest and have low risk and high returns. Buffett dedicated his life to this revolutionary idea and has truly changed the lives of thousands of people who have followed in his investing footsteps.

He showed us that investing can be done simply, despite the beliefs of many large investment companies.

As their discussion of Warren Buffett continues, Phil and Danielle also acknowledge those people that have been their own personal role models like Danielle’s grandpa, Phil’s dad.

It’s important that we honor the people who mentor us, who have had an impact on our lives.

Warren Buffett changed the world of investing. He went beyond just asking investing questions and made investing a real, well-rounded and personable opportunity, instead of being confusing and a far-off activity among the greats.

What are you living your life to accomplish? What do you want your legacy to be?

If you want to learn more about investing gurus like Warren Buffett and keep up to date with current investing topics, join us on the podcast today!

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