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InvestED: Ep. 228- Quick Questions: Investing Vs. Speculating

Rule #1 Tradition is a tradition of investors who focus deeply on not losing money. That focus means they are after wonderful businesses that will be around for a long time.” – Phil Town

It is possible as an investor to get high returns without high risk? That’s the basis of Rule #1 Investing. In this week’s episode, Phil and Danielle explain the difference between being an investor and being a speculator as well as how important it is to really understand what you own.

To invest in a company in the long-term, it’s important to stay committed and hang in there when the companies you invest in are going through bumps. Think about long-term investments as you would a long term relationship. The whole point is to create a portfolio you are very comfortable with and connected to.

Have a question? In this episode, Phil and Danielle try something new that they call, Quick Questions with InvestED” and answer their first listener question on the podcast.

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Phil and Danielle also discuss what’s happening in Europe and consider why so many knowledgeable people are putting their money into negative interest rates.

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Show Notes:
Quick Questions with InvestED

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