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InvestED: Ep. 227- Buybacks (Part 4)

Investing is a practice. It’s not a job. It’s something you do that you won’t do perfectly, but you will do it to the best you can do it. The key is to do it, and improve.” – Phil Town

This week Phil and Danielle release the 227th episode of InvestED: the final episode of a four-part series on buybacks. A significant question that arises during their conversation is whether or not buybacks are driven by a lack of integrity with management. The resulting answer is, unfortunately, more often than not.

Phil explains buybacks that are made with and without integrity to illustrate the difference it makes for long-term investors. When a company buys back its shares for its own benefit it ultimately hurts its committed shareholders.

In addition to closing their discussion on buybacks and the integrity behind them, Phil and Danielle converse on an assortment of alternative traditions that are complementary to investing, such as yoga and meditation. Pulling from these practices, they apply theories such as mindfulness and perspective to the practice of Rule #1 investing.

If you want to learn what a buyback could mean for your investment, join us on the podcast today!


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“The Seven Story Mountain” by Thomas Merton

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