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InvestED: Ep. 223- From the Vault: Justin’s Butter & Digging Your Canyon

“Why not vote with your money for something that you want to see in the world in 20 years, instead of letting a mutual fund manager or an index fund manager vote for you?” – Phil Town

This week Phil and Danielle continue their From the Vault series and reintroduce Justin’s Nut Butter. In this episode, they go through a brief history of Justin’s Nut Butter, discuss how to evaluate a company for investing, and explain how to “dig your canyon.”

What to learn more about digging your canyon? Join us on the podcast today!

What Is Digging Your Canyon You Ask?

To dig your own canyon, you need to research a company so well that you understand it the way that the owner would understand it. These are companies are where you spend your money and that you know something about.

How to Begin Research Into a Company

When researching a company and really getting into your canyon, you not only research one company but the entire industry.

  1. Go to a company’s website.
  2. Look for an “Investor Relations” tab. If they are a public company they will have a tab that says this.
  3. If you can’t find “Investor Relations” the company may not be public.
  4. Search for other companies in the same industry to help you understand the company that you are looking at.

What Else Will You Learn?

  • Different diversification strategies for Rule #1.
  • How to properly use a 10K report.
  • How to learn about a company by looking through their website.
  • How to determine if a company is publicly traded or not
  • & More!

Show Notes:
Justin’s Nut Butter Website
10K Report
Blue Chip Stock
Whole Foods

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