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InvestED: Ep. 210- Mistakes of Omission

“The practice of investing implies joy in the process of learning something that’s difficult.” – Phil Town

This week Phil and Danielle talk about what Charlie Munger calls, “Mistakes of Omission.” You can get pretty good at investing pretty quickly because there are only a few rules that you need to follow.

One of the hardest things about investing the agony of missing out on something because you’re not confident or clear, or you don’t have the patience to wait something out. If you’re investing correctly, you should have mistakes of omission, not mistakes of commission. When it comes to investing, you need to be brutally honest with yourself to understand your mistakes and move on.

Find out about the company that Danielle feels like she missed out on and join us on the podcast today!

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On the InvestED podcast, Phil and his daughter Danielle shine a light on the successful investing strategies that gurus like Warren Buffett have used for 80 years. Listen in for a great stock market education on basics, learn how to invest on your own, and follow along with real-time examples and investing tips from week to week.