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InvestED: Ep 198- IPOs & Uber

“When we value a company we want to look at a company that has a track record of 10 years. Especially, the last 10 years. IPOs are in the risky biz portfolio for lack of a long track record. ” – Phil Town

This week we discuss why we’re in such a wild stock market. The market dropped 15% and is working its way back up. We’ve got the “Trump Effect” going on and we’re in our 10th year of no recession. That’s the longest in American history. We’re also at a Shiller PE that hasn’t been this 140 years it’s only been where it is now 4 other times.

Although Phil is pretty reluctant to talk about it, we do talk about upcoming IPOs and if an IPO is mature enough to do a Rule #1 analysis on them.

An IPO means is that the company is handling stock over to the public in exchange for money and there’s a couple of major reasons why they would do this. The first major reason is they need cash! It’s a battery.

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