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InvestED: Ep. 193- What Happened? Amazon and Whole Foods (Part 2)

In this week’s podcast, we talk about the essence of investing we also talk about Canadian Cannabis stocks and how easy it is to get burned by bad management.

In Episode 193 You’ll Learn:

  1. Value investing the Buffett way.
    • Trying to find things that are on sale
    • People in business school don’t learn the buffet way.
    • Buffet seems to think that this is not accessible to most people.
    • He is constantly telling people to invest in index funds to follow the market.
    • If you can’t put in the time to be as dedicated as he is, then you won’t be able to do it profitably.
  1. Canadian Cannabis Companies
    • How it’s easy to get scammed for $145 million dollars – and then the shareholders get burned.
    • Why it’s so important that you know and trust the management.
  1. The Absolute Essence of Investing.
    • We don’t really need to know how much the business will grow, what we really want to know is: “Will it grow at all?”
    • The focus isn’t on how much money I’m going to make. The focus is: “I’m not going to lose any money on this investment if I buy it right.”
  1. ‘’Many things can happen but the only one will, and we do not know what that one is’’ – Howard Marks
    • The focus for an investor is on the probability of the many things that can happen and in our confidence in our probabilities.

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