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InvestED: Ep. 188- The “Why”

This week we discuss, “The Why”. “The Why” is the reason people invest in stocks as the best way to grow their wealth. We discuss investing as the only way a person can buy “compounding machines” that consistently make you money over time and beat inflation.

In Episode 188 You’ll Learn:

  1. How to Buy ‘’Compounding Machines’’.
    • How to buy companies that take your money and compound it at extremely high rates of return.
    • Learn why you should own businesses that are compounding money at extremely high rates of return compared to anything else that you can put money into.
    • If you don’t want to worry about your money later in your life, this is what you should do.
  2. Why You Should Buy ‘’Compounding Machines’’.
    • It is the only way Phil knows of that you can consistently over decades produce generational wealth.
  3. How Inflation Affects the Market
    • Inflation affects the real estate market differently than it affects companies that are publicly traded.
    • If you are an investor in companies on the public market you are going to be forced to move with inflation, it’s best to learn how to prepare for it.
    • How inflation can affect your future retirement plans and how to NOT get hit by this “slow moving machine”.

Danielle and Phil Recommend:

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