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InvestED: Ep. 184- Grand Canyon University (LOPE) CapEx

This week on InvestED we discuss how to research and find Capital Expenditures for a company. We talk about Grand Canyon University, talk about how to find a 10-K, and where to look for CapEx. Phil also shares his calls with investor relations departments.

In this Episode We Cover:

  1. Phil talks about Grand Canyon University (LOPE).
  2. How Grand Canyon University calculates their Capital Expenditure.
  3. Formula for Owner Earnings:
    • Net income + Depreciation & Amortization + Net Change Accounts Receivable + Net Change Accounts Payable + Income Tax + Maintenance Capital Expenditure = Owner Earnings.
  4. How to find Maintenance Capital Expenditure.
    • Maintenance Capital Expenditure is not always available.
    • Find the company 10-K.
    • Search for “Capital Expenditure” in 10-K.
    • Find it on Cash Flow Statement.
  5. How to analyze Capital Expenditures.
  6. Is there a benefit to actually calling the investor relations department?

Phil and Danielle Recommend

  • Formula for Owner Earnings on page 194 of Invested.
  • Find 10Ks on company websites.
    • “Google ‘Company Name’ investor relations” to find 10-K.

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