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InvestED: Ep. 172- Investing Perspectives of Mohnish Pabrai

On this week’s episode, we’ll talk about different value investors, namely the greats like Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, and how they’ve given way to other incredible value investors like Mohnish Pabrai. We’ll learn why Charlie Munger actually invited Mohnish up on stage at his annual meeting and we’ll talk about how Pabrai’s investing contrasts with his fellow value investors.

In Episode 172 You’ll Learn:

Who is Mohnish Pabrai and why are we talking about him?

  • After doing well in engineering and IT, Mohnish sold his company and got hooked on reading Buffett’s letters.
  • Mohnish Pabrai, much like the other greats, is a value investor who finds great companies and buys them on sale.
  • Mohnish differs from many fund managers because he insists on an ethical approach to management, something that mutual fund managers are rarely able to do due to upfront costs.
  • Multiple published books and interviews.

What makes Mohnish different?

  • Ethical approach to wealth management (i.e. no fees off the top).
  • Does not invest in American companies (unlike his mentor, Buffett).
  • Commended by Munger himself.

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