InvestED Ep. 149- Special Guest: Dawa Tarchin Phillips on Becoming a Mindful Investor

This week we have something special for you as we welcome Dawa Tarchin Phillips on the show to discuss mindfulness as a tool to become a successful investor. Join us as we dive into the often undiscussed emotional side of investing.

In Episode 149 You’ll Learn:

  1. Who is Dawa Tarchin Phillips?
    1. He began as a Monk and lived in the monastery for 12 years, for seven years of that he was in multiple meditation retreats.
    2. He became an investor, inspired by his grandfather because he finds business to be the most influential force in the world.
    3. Read his full bio here.
  2. 5 Things That Allow You to Direct Your Life by Staying Present
    1. Your Thoughts
    2. Your Attitude
    3. What You Imagine
    4. What You Say
    5. What You Do
  3. 5 Questions to Slow Down and Get Ahead
    1. What is your ideal outcome and future?
    2. What does success mean to you?
    3. What is your lack of congruence?
    4. What are your strengths needed for success?
    5. How can you expand those strengths in the present?
  4. How to Become More Mindful in Your Investing
    1. Shift your perspective from a scarcity mindset to a place of possibility.
    2. Natural mindfulness comes when you are doing something you enjoy when you are fully present.
    3. Expand this principle into your work, investing and family life.
    4. Learn to elevate your present as opposed to trying to create your future.
    5. Stay in the present where the experience of life occurs, nothing actually occurs in the future.
  5. Mindfulness Tips to Increase Emotional Intelligence
    1. Understand what triggers certain emotions and become aware of them.
    2. Cultivate self-awareness surrounding these various emotions.
    3. Act in accordance to the life you wish to have.
    4. Identity emotions and comprehend how you are impacted by them.
  6. Fear & Investing
    1. Fear is essential to survival but not to thriving, try to replace fear with discernment.
    2. Clarity comes with heightened alertness and you become hyper-focused, but you must avoid the tipping point where it begins to break down and limit us.
    3. By projecting eventualities onto our experiences it takes you out of distorted perspectives so you can execute what is needed and what is wise.
    4. Fear is understandable in regards to financial security, but mindfulness helps the fear not rule you.
  7. Becoming a Mindful Leader
    1. Learn to control your inner reality even when there is an unsettling outer reality all around you.
    2. Learn to create a discipline of self-mastery in all aspects of your life.
    3. The process of taking what you learned and bringing it out into the real world to share it with others.
    4. A mindful leader can control their own fear, maintain composure and continue to lead, while others may losing orientation.
    5. Be aware of where you are taking others as a leader.

Show Notes:


On the InvestED podcast, Phil and his daughter Danielle shine a light on the successful investing strategies that gurus like Warren Buffett have used for 80 years. Listen in for a great stock market education on basics, learn how to invest on your own, and follow along with real-time examples and investing tips from week to week.

  • Chris Merideth

    Thanks for all you do Phil and Danielle! I loved the discussion about emotional intelligence. I was fortunate to attend a three-day immersive program on the subject at the Ronald Reagan Library, it was life changing. I spent two years on self awareness alone. What Dawa said was exactly right. Most people live their lives simply responding to emotional stimulus. Improving EI leads to living life intentionally. For example, if someone says something upsetting, I would react with emotion, usually anger. My reaction is different now. I am focused on listening to them, not my response. I notice my trigger and emotions rising, I remember my life goal and create a response that will hopefully fulfill my life’s purpose of inspiring and encouraging others.

    This is so huge in investing because to me the hardest part is making informed decisions while emotions are running wild, it could be fear or greed. You have to know you are being triggered, control the emotion, remember your goal and make the response accordingly in seconds sometimes.

    Most of your new followers have yet to experience a true crash and making the choice to load up the truck when everyone is screaming “armageddon!” Please drive this point home! The life skills you teach are every bit as critical to investing as the 4 m’s to me.

  • Kelly Fisher

    I just have to send three cheers of delight for your new book Invested….began reading the free download snippet (after pre-ordering my own copy from my local bookseller). Wow!!! This book will be a game changer. Danielle, your written voice is wonderful and true to your spoken voice (which I listen to on your podcast). I got all misty just reading the intro notes from you and your dad. What a gift you both are to those of us who tremble in trepidation as we try to tread our way into the murky waters of the financial world. Bless you both!!!!