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InvestED Ep. 137- How to be Thankful in Life & Investing

This week we are giving cryptocurrency a break and we are focusing on our gratitude before the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays. We are incredibly grateful for all of our listeners and hope you enjoy thinking about investing from a different perspective this week.

In Episode 137 You’ll Learn:

  1. Who was Wahei Takeda?
    • A Japanese investor who is commonly known as the “Warren Buffett” of Japan.
    • He believes in practicing ‘Maro‘ which is the practice of being thankful for 1,000 things every day.
  2. What does a promise mean as compared to a practice?
    • Promise – Something you have definitively made a commitment to.
    • Practice – Something you intend to continuously practice indefinitely but there are no binding commitments.
  3. Making realistic promises will allow you to keep your integrity.
  4. Integrating gratitude into your daily life will get you moving in the direction that you want to go.
  5. Gratitude may not make you money directly, but it puts your mind in a good place to make educated and rational decisions to which you can invest with.

Show Notes:

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