InvestED Ep. 125- Disrupted: America’s Grocery Industry

Join us as we discuss the Amazon & Whole Foods Deal which has finally gone official as of Monday, August 28th. We will discuss the deal, different company’s moats, and the industry that you might want to avoid for awhile.

In Episode 125 You’ll Learn:

  • Brand Moats: Are they enough?
  • What is Amazon’s strategy for slashing prices & what major businesses are they disrupting?
  • How does Amazon keep its prices low, do they intentionally take strategic losses?
  • Margins & what they mean.
  • Details on the Deal – Who else tried to buy Whole Foods?


Show Notes:

The Wall Street Journal Article – Six Other Potential Suitors Approached Whole Foods Before Amazon Deal


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  • Chad Daigle

    I think you guys will be wrong about Sprouts. I would shop them 10 times before Whole Foods. You disliking SFM may be my buy signal. Of course I would love to see it get crushed. I just think Amazon will hurt Kroger and Walmart more than SFM. I suggest you guys visit a Sprouts bear you.

  • Yolanda Holmes

    That was great. As a consumer I am thrilled with the coming price reduction of Whole Foods because I love their produce and their prepared food bar, but can’t afford to buy there frequently, But I can see a Whole Foods on wheels business that may solve a lot of people who just do not have the time to cook good healthy meals because they are working and raising children. Home delivery and meals on meals will service our home-bound and retirement population handsomely and in bette health than they are now eating “affordable” food that really doesn’t improve their health at all. Great Podcast. I am still reeling from the Rule #1 investment training last weekend, and although it ended with an ER visit for my hubby, we are very hopeful and encouraged about, not only our future, but our time right now. Very grateful for your generous heart to empower others to live life fully. Starting the 14 Day Challenge. See you today on the Webimar!